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Indie Electronica. Alternative Downtempo. Hip-Hop & Orchestral Melodies.


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Rooted in hip-hop with branches of indie rock, electronica, downtempo, dub, and dance, Inspired Flight gives life to a hypnotizing and influential new musical experience that listeners are finding refreshing and authentic. iF uses turntablism and sampling along with live instrumentation and vocals, all centered around innovative songwriting.


Homegrown in San Diego, California, Inspired Flight fuses the talents of master turntablist, OpenOptics (Eric Poline), and seasoned guitarist/songwriter, 9Theory (Gabe Lehner) who both discovered a passion for music at a very young age by falling in love with golden-era hip-hop.  OpenOptics started in music obsessed with turntables, collecting records, producing beats and DJ’ing; while 9Theory was fixated on blues guitar, British rock, and songwriting.  With their shared love of hip-hop, electronica, recording and producing music, it didn’t take long for the two to collaborate on their own project. 

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