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Purveyor of The Funk and world famous robot whisperer.

Creative landscapes, blended from electronica, hip-hop, and indie rock.


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9 Theory is the solo music project of the eclectic LA-based singer/songwriter, beat-maker, remixer, and producer, Gabe Lehner. He combines many different genres into a beat-heavy electronic sound with flavors of hip-hop and indie rock that has been compared to acts like Gorillaz, Radiohead, Postal Service, and DJ Krush. Although 9 Theory is based around Gabe's own production and songwriting it also involves numerous collaborations and featured guests, including female vocalists and MC’s both on the recorded music and in the live show.. 


9 Theory has come into his own as an experienced and charismatic performer playing hundreds of live shows and performing at music festivals such as Coachella, Lightning In A Bottle, Camp Bisco, and Electric Forest, and opening for artists including Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, STS9, Beats Antique, and Emancipator.

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